Anode Types

Zinc – ANNEX US MIL Spec A-18001K
Magnesium – Industry standards

Sacrificial anodes are available in different weights, dimensions, different inserts, mounting options. Shown here is a small sample of some of the basic anodes available. Please contact us with your requirements.

Bolt-on disc Anode (single mount)

  sacrificial hull anode type aluminium disc bolt sacrificial hull anode type aluminium disc insert back  sacrificial hull anode type aluminium round flat disc  sacrificial hull anode type zinc round disc bolt

Bolt on Bar / Pear Anode (dual mount)

sacrificial hull anode type aluminium bar bolt sacrificial hull anode type zinc bolt bar anodesacrificial hull anode type Zinc weld on squaresacrificial hull anode type Magnesium pearsacrificial hull anodes type magnesium bolt bar

Weld on Bar / Pear Anode

sacrificial hull anodes type large aluminium weld on flatsacrificial hull anodes type zinc-weld-on-flatsacrificial hull anodes type weld on-pear-magnesiumsacrificial hull anodes type weld-on-bar-magnesium



CUSTOM BESPOKE ANODES – Designed to meet your requirements

sacrificial hull anodes type Small Weld on Aluminium

Small Weld on Aluminium

sacrificial anodes type Water Intake Aluminium

Water Intake Aluminium

sacrificial anode types bespoke-zinc

Zinc anode – slotted insert







Recognising that not all customers are looking for basic anodes and may have either special projects or requirements. We have the ability to investigate problems, test existing anodes and design and manufacture specialist anodes. The team will work with you and your team, to custom design and manufacture anodes to create the ideal working solution for your cathodic requirements, giving you confidence in your cathodic protection.

  • We can supply small one off anodes or trade enquiries.
  • We can design and manufacture anodes weighing as little as 200grams up to 600Kg plus.
  • Inserts positioned according to your needs.
  • If you have specific corrosion issues with differing metals, or a different composition of anode is required. We can help to advise and solve these issues. Please contact us for more information

MOUNTING OPTIONS – We can supply you with all your mounting materials

  • Backing
  • Bolts of different sizes and specifications