Precision Castings

At All Anodes we not only offer you a quality anode supply service, we also cast products to you specifications. From one off unique items to a large production run we would be happy to work with you:

Aluminium Gravity Die Castings

We can produce gravity die castings from commercial grades to class one and has approvals to:

ISO 9001:2015

Aerospace Standard 9100/D

Annex C

Sand Foundry

An extremely well equipped sand foundry. We are able to produce specifications such as cast irons, SG, as well as bronze, steels and aluminium.

Having invested heavily in new plant and equipment including many new resistance furnaces in the die foundry and increased capacity in our sand foundries with additional Induction furnaces and it’s own, in house, light engineering and toolmaking. We boast an excellent quality control department. Equipped with three spectrometers and the equipment needed to supply both high quality commercial and fully released castings you can be confident in the quality of materials and the product you receive.

If you have any drawings, existing casting requirements or new products we welcome the opportunity of working with you. Please email with your requirements.